Week #1 of Tracking Golf Stats

GolfingStats.com has been live for a full week now! Have learned some things, have made some adjustments and will continue to make adjustments to hopefully get this thing rolling better. Please if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to use the Contact Us link.

Given that a big part of GolfingStats is Stats here are some Week #1 GolfingStats Stats:

Number of Users Created: 23
Number of Rounds Created: 40
Number of Courses Created: 31

Average User Handicap: 18.9
Average Round Score: 89.1
Average Putts Per Round: 35.2
Average Fairway %: 36.8%
Average GIR: 26.5

My handicap after one round this season is 25.1. So I am 6.2 behind the average…I now have a goal!

In terms of future features I have some big plans…

1. Predictions: Click on a round that someone else has played and see what GolfingStat.com thinks you would shoot on that same course/tee. Also want to have some fun predictions (e.g. How would you shoot from the tips @ Augusta?)

2. Friends Tab:
a) Invite Friends: GolfingStat is great! Not enough people know about it though. You should be able to invite your Facebook friends.
b) Linking Friends: You have friends on GolfingStat.com so you should be able to see how they are playing.
c) Notifications: Be the first to know when a friend posts a new round, so that you can talk some trash or congratulate them

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