Digital Ocean from Linode

Was checking out VPS hosts as I do periodically to make sure that I still have the best service for my dime.

Stumbled across a VPS host called Digital Ocean, their offerings have 2x the ram of Linode for a quarter of the cost. So instead of hosting off of a single 512mb server I was able to get a 512mb server for an app server and another 512mb server to host the database and only pay half what I was paying before.

Digital Ocean charges by the hour too so I can have a development server that is an image of the production server and can spin it up/down as needed rather than trying to run a development instance on my production server in the limited linode memory.

I think the only downside to this is that Linode gives you up to 4 CPU’s (depends on how busy the server you are on is) where as Digital Ocean only provides a single CPU. For me currently I think memory was my bottleneck so I don’t think being limited on CPU will impact me drastically and if it does then I can still spin up a few more instances and introduce more app servers.

I was worried about how long the migration would take but it was actually only a few hours of work. The worst part was trying to get Bluepill and RVM to play nicely together and start correctly on reboot. Other than that it was pretty smooth sailing… :-)