Planning the Launch

So I have been plugging away on this site for almost a year. I am like 95% there and just have a few more pages to finish before I am ready to release!

My plan is to generate traffic by using a free $100 in Google Adsense.

Not sure if my numbers make sense but here is what I am thinking…

I know that people will be more likely to adopt a score tracking tool earlier in the season because they are more enthusiastic about the sport in the early months. I also know if they start using a tool earlier in the season they are less likely to dump it and pick up another tool. So I need to get as many visit as possible in the first 30 days or so after launch otherwise the value of a visit will be significantly lower.

Playing around with Googles Adwords tools I figure $0.30 is a good Cost Per Click for me. This will give me about 350 visits on keywords that I think are good for my site and will use up my $100 in about 37 days.

Assuming 10% of the people who visit my landing page will sign up leaves me with about 35 users from the Adwords Campaign (Cost to acquire a user is about $2.85 per user). Assuming 25% of them actually use my product and post a round a month to Facebook and each user has about 200 Facebook friends that means I will get ~1750 open graph impressions from users posting round. Of those impressions assuming 1% of viewers click through and 50% of those sign up that means I will get 8.75 new users from Facebook open graph impressions.

AdWords Budget $100.00
Cost Per Click 0.3
Clicks Per Day 10
Cost Per Day $2.70
Campaign Length 37
Total Clicks from Adwords 333
Signup from AdWords (~10%) 35
Active Users From Adwords (25%) 8.75
Impressions on Facebook (200 Friends) 1750
Click Through Rate from Facebook 1%
Visits from Facebook 17.5
New Users from Facebook Visits (50%) 8.75
Total New Users 43.75

This of course does not take into account any organic search, which hopefully will supplement my user growth from Adwords and reduce me user acquisition cost.

This should all happen in the first 60 days. Since I am targeting a launch of June 1st I will check back in on August 1st and report how close/far off I was with my assumptions.