Want to play better golf? Play more often



One of the great things about GolfingStat.com is that I have a wealth of golf data at my fingertips. Every once in a while I come up with a question and then can go run a few reports and pull data to see if the data supports hypotheses.

The question I asked myself today is “If I played a lot more golf then would I play better golf?”. According to the data…the answer to that question is Yes.

Here is a scatter plot of players on Golfingstat.com and how many rounds they have played. I removed some outliers and this is the plot:


The first thing that struck me about this plot is that there is a pretty big cluster of players around 50 rounds a year (playing once a week or twice a week in the summer) with handicaps between 10 to 15. It is also pretty clear that the best players are playing 100+ times a year and the worst players are playing less than 50.

Here is a table with average rounds per year for each handicap bracket:






Based on that data if your handicap is above 10 and you want to drop a stroke off your handicap then you need to play an extra round every month. If you are below 10 then it isn’t that easy and you probably need to spend time practicing in addition to playing more.